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I will carry out a website and API penetration test on your website in order to detect any vulnerabilities and security issues.

You have spent weeks building your website and are finally ready to launch. Your site looks fantastic and works beautifully . . . but is it secure? The only way to know for sure it to test it thoroughly. But how do you test a website for security exploits?

You need to run a penetration test (pen test). A pen test is simply an authorised, simulated attack designed to identify and evaluate an application's security vulnerabilities. Penetration tests use the same tools, techniques and processes that hackers use to try to gain access to a website, and it is a highly effective way of helping to keep your valuable digital real estate secure.

Unfortunately, penetration tests can be extremely expensive and often require a certain level of technical expertise in order to interpret the results.

So how do you test your site without breaking the bank? Simple: purchase my "Penetration Test & Report" gig! I will thoroughly test your website over a period of 24–48 hours in an effort to idetify any security vulnerabilities. My system will check for OWASP and SANS 25 vulnerabilties, and it will also run a series of tests on your APIs.

My pen test system is able to evaluate dynamic pages and can even optimise tests based on the technology of the application. It can also run authenticated testing routines for in-depth penetration tests of complex web apps.

At the culmination of the test, I will provide you with a detailed report of the security issues that my system uncovered, which includes recommendations for resolving them.

With this penetration test and report service you can expect:

1. Your website to be subjected to a battery of tests designed to identify security issues and exploits; 2. A detailed report highlighting all of the issues we discovered; and 3. Excellent communication.

I look forward to working with you and identifying any security issues and exploits on your website.

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